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James Dalton Trumbo Essays - English-language Films, Dalton Trumbo

James Dalton Trumbo Essays - English-language Films, Dalton Trumbo Dr. Roger B. Beck History 1526G 6 October 2015 Book Review James Dalton Trumbo was a screenwriter and novelist. Born December 9, 1905 in Montrose, Colorado(John). Trumbo was born into a slightly over the poverty level family, where his dad was a shoe clerk. He was the first and only boy, followed by two sisters Catherine and Elizabeth. Trumbo attended and graduated from Grand Junction High school. Trumbo left to attend college (University of Colorado), while his family moved due to the financial struggle, which lift him to acquire a job at a bakery shop(John). He worked there for approximatively 10 years, while still writing short stories. Oscar Trumbo (father of James) passed away just before he received the job at the bakery(Biography). There Trumbo landed a job at a magazine company known as the Saturday evening Post there his career elevated. After being released from there for advertising himself and rehired by Colombia pictures(Biography). Trumbo had many of the books written; The time of the toad, The biggest thief in town, Night of t he Aurocks, and the eclipse. Trumbo known for his Oscar award for the brave one in 1956. He was also known for his blacklisting for his association with the Communist Party from 1947 to 1960. Although he had antiwar novel Johnny got his gun he was said to be misunderstand according to (Biography). 1975 the Academy recognized Trumbo as the academy winner. 1976 Trumbo died from a heart attack in lost Angeles, at 70 September 10, 1976 (Dalton Trumbo) The book set in world war 1-time period. The larger picture of the novel is the main character Joe Bonham, begins to think to himself about his current state. He has no sense of smell, touch, or sight. And his question is why? Why is he in the bed limbless from a war that did not have anything to do with him. As he thinks back of how his position was chosen or could have been different. At the beginning he continues to keep imagining older memories in his life, while still ignorant to the fact that everything that he thinks about is the closet thing he could get to going back to normal. As each day goes by, Joe begins to notice all the things he could no longer do. The first thing he is aware of is him being unable to hear. Overall the conspiracy behind the novel is how the government and/or military involve our people in war thats not our own. In the fact that there is no democracy, honor, or winning a war. No matter who is declared a winner you still lose. If anyone tries to inform you on that information, the government will try the best to contain it or suppressed it. Chapter 1, Joe Bonham feels nervous and hears a ringing sounds similar to a phone. In a dream he was having, he walks through the room of the bakery where he works. His mother called to let him know that his father died. Joe informs Jody Simmons and the night foreman that his father died and that he needs to go home. (page 3, paragraph 1) Chapter 2, Joe remembers how his mother would bake bread twice a week. He remembers her singing while she worked. when he was young, he used to go to the store while his father worked. His father would give him money, and Joe would order three hamburgers from the hamburger man and meet his father at home with them. (page 8, paragraph 1) Chapter 3, Joe becomes conscious again. He can not see or hear, he realizes that he feels doctors working on him and he is pleased with the help. He feels a doctor working on his arm then realizes that they have amputated it. He immediately reacts with anger, he feels the doctors are to lazy to fix and rather take it off to save time and energy. Joe ponders over what they will do with his arm. He also realizes that the ring his girlfriend gave him gave him is on that hand. (page 12, paragraph 1) Chapter 4, Joe feels hot and starts to think back again; he imagines him working on the railroad in the desert with

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